Fine art photography it’s not just about the perfect “click”. Fine art can be an idea, an emotion or even a hidden message behind a beautiful picture.  Artistic photography is created in accordance with the vision of the photographer. The photographer as an artist has to feel and see beyond what others’ do. Such a photographer only uses his camera as a means to achieve the creation of a work of art. The camera becomes just another tool through which the vision of the photographer is revealed.

For instance, in a wedding what stands before the lens of the camera is the bride and the groom but what an artistic photographer must capture is not just a beautiful couple; he must capture the love, the passion, the fire and all these beautiful feelings that brought them together. To achieve fine art photography, the photographer must go beyond the literal representation of a scene and reveal all those hidden messages that he is able to see; must show that his photo was not just captured by a camera but by an artist.

This is what Loukas Karamanos stands for; he is not just about elegant photography but fine art photography. In his work he is not only to be considered as a photographer but as an artist as well. His pictures don’t just show a beautiful scene; his photos create images full of meanings and emotions.

April 26, 2018